Fiber Friends in the News and Local Community

I am so excited to share a bit of news! My time is usually spent holed up in my studio on the 2nd floor of our farm house, or outside shlepping water, cleaning cages or ‘moving wood around.’ (family joke). Every once in a while, however, i leave my hermitage and touch base with my community! And, every once in a longer while, i welcome a member of the community into my studio and they write a little something that can be read by folks who live nearby or in some distant community. This week i have TWO exciting bits of outreach to share!

First off, a big THANK YOU to Victoria the lovely reporter who wrote this lovely piece about my little business. Yes, you CAN make a living as a crazy artist, especially if you’re willing to stab yourself repeatedly in the name of entrepreneurialism. :) Folks from all over the western states who get their power from smaller power companies, like our own Consumers Power co-op, will flip through the Ruralite magazine this month and happen to spot an adorable photo of Pocket posing with her little Fiber Friends.

Secondly, i was pleased to be asked by the Philomath Community Library to put up a little display in their case. I have stopped to check out the local artisans showcased in their display many times when checking out books myself and it’s fun to see my little Fiber Friends peeking out from behind the glass. My work will be on display throughout September, so stop by and take a look if you’re in the area!

Along with my Fiber Friends there are a few copies of my latest book, Bedtime Snackit included in the display and a copy or two available in the library to read, thanks to a donation from the author, Tm Mueller.

It sure is nice to get out and be part of the larger community now and again. Folks out there are friendly and ultimately are who make my lifestyle possible with their support, both financial and emotional. As the article mentioned, i really do sincerely care about my customers and get a lot of joy and pride out of making items that mean so much to folks. It is such a joy to get to do what i love for a living and live in such a glorious place. Thank you to everyone who helps make that possible! You are all the best Friends i could ask for!

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