Fiber Fridays: Cowl = Fail

So, remember that experiment with lace i was working on a week or so ago? Yeah, that pygora cowl turned out to be a total fail, though i’m honestly not  surprised.

I really have no idea how to knit lace other than the basic “yarn over/ knit to together” every other row with a row of purls between. That’s great an all, but when you pair a lack of lace knowledge with a lack of cowl knitting experience, you’re bound to fail. Add on some handspun pygora that was spun from poor quality batts that were full of guard hairs: you get an itchy fail. That’s a fail not worth salvaging. The yarn really was too thick for a lacy treatment, and my attempt to have it curl on the edges, then have a lacy bit turned into just one long curled up mess. So, despite looking cute on Pocket, this cowl is on the docket for ripping out.

So – who has a great idea for me! I’m looking for a project that uses a relatively small amount of worsted weight (ish) softish/itchyish yarn. It’s super soft to touch, but itchy on sensitive places like neck skin. I’m thinking too nice to use on a mug cozie, but too itchy to use for a scarf. Comment with your best knitting idea!

*******The Featured Fiber Friend is Back! *******

If you’re a reader of this blog because you’re part of “Corgi Nation” you may be familiar with this week’s featured Friend. Dear Barney Boots was a friend to many on Facebook and online and was dearly missed when he recently passed away. I was touched when a friend to Barney (and Barney’s human folks) wrote to commission a custom Fiber Friend in his honor as a gift to his mourning people. I used a slideshow from The Daily Corgi to get most of the photos i used as reference, and had to fight through the blubbering sobs brought on by the acute pairing of “somewhere over the rainbow” and a shot of a sweet puppy in a bathtub. Cry fest. Seriously. I fought through the tears and am immensely proud of the finished mini Barney Boots, complete with his signature cheese head hat. I hope his hu-mom and dad love him as much as i did.

I dearly love working on commemorative pieces. Finding the “best” photos to use as reference can be a bit trickier, but it means so much to me to “bring back” a beloved pet for its mourning guardians. I have made it my policy to offer free shipping to anyone in such a situation: simply enter RAINBOWBRIDGE at checkout to get the shipping charges covered. It’s the least i can do.

Well, the holidays are in full swing here at Fiber Friends studios (ha, i wish. we’re still cramped into this danged apartment where my lap serves as the “shipping dock”) so you’ll be sure to find plenty of holiday themed critters along with my normal farm animals and corgis. I take requests, so feel free to post a comment about that too! The rain has come back to the Willamette Valley, so it’s high time to do some time knitting.

How are you spending the darkening days?


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2 Responses to Fiber Fridays: Cowl = Fail

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  2. Bill Schultz

    Loved your levity with the story about the horses. You do know how to spin a yarn, pun intended. 😉 As much as I like horses, they do take up too much time and money for me.

    We have an English pointer that is always cold. Maybe you can knit a pull-over for him and other dogs. If it was me, i’d make sure it was really tight around the neck. He is a great destroyer of anything paper, cardboard, wood and plastic that he can get. He has chewed up hoses, plastic containers, garbage cans, our wood supports for the porch, toys, footwear, just about anything left outside.

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