Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

You know you live in Oregon when your commute home includes driving past 3 Christmas tree farms and one large depot loading up hundreds of trees into semi trucks. You know you live just shy of an Oregon forest when you walk through your gate with this over your arm, freshly sawn from a back corner of your own property:

When we lived in Austin, TX we decorated my Meyer Lemon with ornaments and lights and deemed it our “Christmas Citrus” and oh, how i miss that tree. BUT, there is something classic about the fragrant evergreen, stately standing in your living room that taps into the inner child. With our new ductless heat pumps, we can actually hang out upstairs without freezing our buns off (our house is huge and was previously unheated upstairs) so we decided to celebrate and put the tree in a place of honor in front of the sliding glass door (to nowhere) upstairs. We’ve really been enjoying the excuse to sit in our upstairs living space, enjoying the seasonal beauty.

All that’s missing now is some tinsel! I just love the sparse and graceful boughs but they could use some light and shiny tinsel or icicles. Oh, and if you’re hoping to add so eFiber Friends ornaments to YOUR tree, never fear: more will be uploaded to the online shop soon!


Have you put your tree up yet? Did you cut it, buy it from a lot, or pick it out at a tree farm? Chances are, if you bought it from a lot – it came from near my neighborhood!

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