Border Collie Herding Sheep: A Mobile for New Baby

Emmie is a skilled and super cute Border Collie living right down the way in Philomath, Oregon. She and Pocket have had one exchange: through a picket fence with lots of barking. Emmie is more friendly to sheep and chickens than other pups and is soon to be big sister to a new human baby. Her parents are so excited and asked me to felt a mobile featuring their first baby doing what she does best: herd sheep!

Most of my mobiles are made to order and customized to meet all my clients’ ‘demands.’ (Tip: you can learn lots more about my custom mobiles HERE)

I like this mobile so much it is still hanging over my desk… Rachel may have to pry it out of my hands at this point. :) Rachel and her husband run Provenance Farm, a pastured chicken/egg/turkey/beef/lamb operation that serves our local area and beyond (including Portland). Before we got our chickens, i bought their eggs and i’m often found volunteering on butchering day to get my hands on their quality meat.

Also on my clipboard recently were a few orders from “abroad.” I sent Chewbacca, the Kelpie to Australia as a gift for bereaved dog parents and Cody the Corgi is headed to Singapore! Order your own Fiber Friend at or send me a message to inquire about  a mobile, as they are built ‘a la carte’ to suit each client’s needs and ideas.


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  1. Susan Dunn

    I am interested in the border collie mobile. How much will it cost and how long does it take to get one after ordering?
    Thank you Susan

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