Attention: Santa Clause – Here’s your landing strip

It’s been unseasonably cold here. Un reasonably cold and snowy. We’ve been dipping under zero and have a blanket of snow around that has stuck for nearly a week. That’s not so odd for the climes where i grew up, but is rather out of the ordinary for the Willamette Valley or even Kings Valley where we reside. Due to the poor infrastructure of the area, snowy roads, and pathetic 2wd vehicles we’ve had a few ‘snow days’ on the farm.

I’ve been working my normal Fiber Friends hours, but my dear husband stayed home from his ‘job in town’ on Friday and Monday, leaving him available to all sorts of tasks! He finished the barn door, started on our handmade Christmas gifts, and attempted and succeeded at one heck of a feat: stringing Christmas lights along the roof of our massive house.

Watching him teeter on icey, uneven terrain, 2 stories up in the air with a precariously tucked hammer, nails and strands of lights was not MY favorite thing to witness, and i’m pretty sure he mentioned being afraid of heights after a few hours of 15 degree breezes on top of an extension ladder. But look what he did – that’s a veritable landing strip for the big red man himself!

How do you like to decorate for the  holidays – simple or extravagant? Classic or blow up musical dioramas plugged in on the front lawn?

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