A Multi-functional Hedgerow and Orchard

We planted our first stand of fruit trees this weekend! Purchased from a supremely local nursery: Mill Creek Nursery just west of Monmouth (wish i’d brought my camera – a gem of a place!) Todd made some great recommendations and we came home with Fugi and Gravenstein apples, Shiro and Brooks plums, and a cherry grafted with three great varieties (he grafted on the spot just for me!). These fruit trees have been added to our hedgerow along the front of the yard. (This post does not include my best photographs. 😉 )

Last year, summer:

Last night, spring:

It started as alternating plantings of Oregon Grape and Red Flowering Current in February of last year, had Mock Orange added this February, plus flower beds between, lots of mulch, and now a stand of fruit! Hopefully the first hedge will block the majority of the dust while the fruit flowers in the spring and the fruit trees will help block the dust during the summer, though we plan to pay for road stickying in front of our house and barn, at least. (spendy!).

In a few seasons, our front yard is going to be in BLOOM! Bulbs, native plants and fruit trees – we’ll have some very happy native pollinators (including the hummingbirds who is already hanging about the Indian Plums) and happy neighbors’ honey bees. Sure is nice to have an endless supply of non burning rabbit manure as fertilizer for all these new trees. They are happy! Pocket is excited to have some additional shade in the front and i can’t wait to pluck some fresh eating apples from one of my OWN trees in a year or two! All these trees were grafted onto semi dwarfed rootstock, so we should have a decent harvest in just 2 years.

Fruit trees are a great option for landscaping and homesteading, even in an urban setting. Find a great local nursery who knows what rootstock and varieties are hardy in your area and add a few fruit trees to your spread!

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